Jean-Louis Nomicos

Owner of the eponymous restaurant in Paris – 1* in the Michelin guide

“Born in Marseille, I am very sensitive to oils from the Mediterranean basin, and more particularly to oils from Provence. The Elegant blend is “simple” and smooth; it constitutes a great condiment to enhance flavors and bring an aromatic kick to a nice dish. As for the Quintessence blend, it also reminds me of wonderful childhood memories with its scents of withered, candied, almost dried black olives, and its intense, enticing and powerful flavor. Last but not least, the Ardente blend is herbaceous, astringent, with an intense flavor similar to purple artichoke from our Provence. It can be served raw with carpaccio, and it is known for its spicy arugula notes in the finish. Overall, these three oils are honestly very good and very different. Well done for this harvest!”.